Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

    Deep Cleaning Company in Dubai

    Here at Professional Cleaners Dubai, we are devoted to providing a cleaning service to meet all needs. Whether you home needs a Deep clean or regular ongoing cleaning, we are happy to help. All of our cleaning services guarantee that your entire house is clean, including all of those places that people usually forget. We provide:

    Whether your home needs ongoing professional cleaning due to your availability or your physical state, we are happy to help. Here at Professional Cleaners DUBAI, we are passionate about ensuring that all areas of your home, especially those overlooked places, are clean. We are most thorough in areas where bacteria can accumulate, such as bathrooms, kitchens and door handles, as we like to ensure that your home is free from unwanted germs, along with looking clean.

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    We are committed to ensuring that furniture, home décor items and cabinets are cleaned on every visit, to ensure that your home always looks clean and tidy. Professional Cleaners Dubai has confidence in that you will be happy with our cleaning service.


    Each visit, it is routine that we:

    • Dust – all ornaments, electrical goods, furniture and skirting boards are dustedImage result for floor polishing
    • Vacuum – all carpets and soft furnishings
    • Vinyl and hard floors mopped
    • Empty waste baskets
    • Clean your bathroom, including suites, tiles and mirrors – we also deodorise
    • Clean your kitchen surface and cupboards

    We also offer extra “special cleans”, which are ideal when moving in/out of a property or preparing a home to sell. These include:

    • Cleaning the inside of kitchen cupboards
    • Vacuuming curtains
    • Cleaning all brass and silver to ensure that it is in its optimum condition
    • Washing walls
    • Cleaning inside windows
    • Cleaning inside and/or defrosting fridge freezers

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