Upholstery (Sofa & Carpet) Services

After years of daily use, your sofas, chairs and rugs can begin to look a little tired. Or maybe you have accidentally spilled red wine or coffee over seat covers, and no matter how much scrubbing your do the stain won’t budge! You may wonder whether the answer is to invest in new furniture, but there are other more cost effective solutions. Here at T&M Cleaning we can help rescue the situation with our expert Upholstery Cleaning remedies.

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The first thing we would need to do is assess the fabrics and other materials used in your upholstery. Our cleaning teams will then use appropriate professional equipment and products to revive your furniture. We offer a deep clean on all household upholstery, and can effectively remove tough stains, including those caused by mud, alcohol, pets and food. We will leave your upholstery thoroughly clean, stain free and ready for many more years of use!


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