Transport Pest Control

Super Bright Pest Control can provide a range of solutions for these diverse and unique areas.

The introduction and spread of insect pests and rodents is becoming much more widespread due to increased cross-border trade. Our experienced technicians will inspect, fumigate and vent shipping containers that transport goods that may harbour Stored Product Insects (SPIs).

Distribution depots and the vehicles used to transport goods are also vulnerable as pests could be introduced to your premises via a consignment and cross-contaminate other goods. Our technicians are able to offer a holistic approach to cover all areas and include advice on good housekeeping to prevent re-infestation. Cannon Pest Control is used extensively on our rail networks and our technicians are expert in preventing pest birds from causing mess and damage to buildings or from nesting under the bridges along the railway lines. They are fully trained to work lineside using conventional proofing methods, bio-acoustics and hawking.

Our experienced wildlife management and control teams will work in conjunction with road maintenance or building contractors on the highways. At major airports pest bird management is a vital element of safety and can take many forms from physical barriers to the use of repellent gels and predatory birds in conjunction with bio-acoustics.

Our leading expertise in this area will benefit your organisation.